Quinson Thomas was born and raised on the island of Tortola in the Virgin Islands, (UK) . He was not born into a wealthy household, but his parents always found a way to give him the best opportunities life has to offer. Quinson got married to his high school sweetheart on Dec. 07 2013 and ever since then he has been on a mission to make his dreams a reality. So he set out to start a show, that would feature 4 guys who would compete for supremacy in all things, frequently hashing out their differences on a pretty unlucky piano. But finding the right men for the job was quite difficult. He was about to give it all up until the final week where one by one the 4 guys that he had been looking for showed up for their auditions. By God’s providence Quinson struck gold. Dr. Ronald, Benn Barrett, Franky and Chad Jackson are the premier stars of the Miracle Pianist Show and people all over the world LOVE them. Quinson’s only “fear” is that in their quest for supremamcy they might end up destroying each other.

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